The library of British University in Georgia is a space for teaching and research, open to students, academic staff and all interested external users. 


The library collections incorporate Georgian and English language textbooks, monographs, scientific and fiction literature, periodicals and e-sources. The library users have an access to scientific databases worldwide. 


The library offers the following services to users:

- On-Campus Access to Library Resources and Borrowing;

- Booking of Library Resources; 

 -Copy and Print of Materials. 


The library space incorporates a depository, IT facility, a reading hall, a space for meetings and group work.




0131 Tbilisi, # 92 Vepkhistkaosni St, 2nd floor

Tel: +995 598 64 70 78

Email: library@britishuni.edu.ge


Due to Covid-19 regulations access to the library is restricted for external users.