Congratulations if you have received an offer from the British University in Georgia. We are looking forward to welcoming you with access to a variety of student support services. The Department of Student Service Development and Alumni Relations at British University in Georgia delivers multiple student support services that are appropriate to create student-centered learning environment.


  • Individual Consultation and Individual Study Plan

British University in Georgia has consulting services to support students in planning their study process and improving academic performance. The university is distinguished by an individual approach to each student to create an individual study curriculum.


  • Personal Tutors

Every student of BritishUni has a personal tutor who assists in any direction that may be relevant to his/her career, learning and success. A student refers to a personal tutor for any question and asks for help.


  • Student Career Development

The Department promotes student employment and involvement in internship programmes worldwide. Moreover, BritishUni organises employment forums and thematic meetings for students, in close collaboration with potential employers. During the forums, students are given the possibility to meet, interview, give presentations and get acquainted with interested stakeholders.


  • Center for Enterprises 

BritishUni creates space – the Center of Enterprises - for students on campus that can be used for implementing their project activities, even assists in registering an enterprise to run the business ideas. This Center is a business incubator which incorporates academic and invited staff of the University who suggests students on different aspects of their business plans. The University also links students with appropriate stakeholders for sponsorship.


  • Student Unions

British University supports the creation of student unions. 


  • Project Competition

British University encourages student projects and supports student initiatives, both commercial and non-commercial. The annual call for contest is a transparent process.


  • International Projects

British University encourages students to cooperate with students of the universities worldwide and elaborate joint commercial projects. 


  • Psychological Counseling

BritishUni students have the opportunity to consult with a qualified psychologist for the search of emotional well-being, adaption to a foreign environment, academic excellence, etc. 


The quality of student services and how they fit for purpose are assessed by the Department of Student Service Development and Alumni Relations and Quality Assurance Department. The assessment results are then taken into consideration to improve or revise.