γιγνώσκω οίδα σοφία (gignosko, oida, sofia)

Knowledge and experience lead to wisdom.


We believe, in accordance with the foundations of a classical education, that experience is of equal importance to theoretical knowledge. The design of our programmes and curricula, our selection criteria for teaching staff and the organisation of our classrooms all follow this principle.


The University Logo

In the upper part of the logo, the name of the university appears in the English language - "British University in Georgia," while in the lower part we see the university's motto in Greek - γιγνώσκω οίδα σοφία (gignosko, oida, sofia). 

The shield depicted in the centre of the logo is divided into four parts. In the upper-left part we see a vine. In this way, the university expresses respect for Georgian culture and traditions and strives to promote them around the world. In the upper-right corner is an ancient Greek symbol - the wheel that cuts through ignorance. One of the goals of the university is to defeat ignorance by creating and sharing new knowledge. In the lower-left corner of the shield there is a scroll with the words "Truth" written using the old Georgian calligraphy style of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani. He was one of the most renowned bibliophiles and diplomats of his time. He contributed to social transformation both locally and globally. By using his calligraphy, the University honours his merits and values. The lower-right corner of the logo depicts the rose, a symbol of England. This expresses our respect for our British partners. The colour of the logo is blue on a white background. The colour blue is associated with calmness, confidence, and responsibility. It also encourages intellectual work and is associated with learning.