Vazha-Pshavela Foundation

The famous Georgian poet and writer Vazha-Pshavela studied at the Faculty of Law in St. Petersburg in his youth, but was unable to continue his studies due to lack of funds, so he returned to his homeland. A man whose main value was humanism could not afford a university education. It is true that this did not prevent him from becoming a global figure, but his personal life was still difficult and Vazha died at the age of 53.


Inspired by his history, we decided to establish a foundation named after him. The foundation will enable students to access a university education of international standards that will lay down a solid foundation for their successful future.


The Vazha-Pshavela Foundation offers financial aid and support tailored to your needs. This support may include partial tuition, scholarship, employment at our university, support for your project idea, or a combination of all these. There are only two steps you need to take to gain the support.


Each case is individually reviewed by the Vazha-Pshavela Foundation Board, which includes our university professors and international advisors.