Why British University

The British University in Georgia builds on a wealth of established knowledge and experience. It was established in 2020 by English Book Education. The founder has over 13 years of experience working in the field of education, both within Georgia and internationally. English Book Education has provided English language tuition in Georgia since 2011, establishing numerous innovative approaches to teaching, including the use of new technologies. 


Thus, the institution fully complies with the international standards that exist in the field and is aware of the importance of globalisation in the educational sphere. Additionally, the founding company provides schools and universities in Georgia with subject-specific methodologies and literature.


Why study at the British University in Georgia? We can provide you with seven key reasons to help to make your decision:


# 1. A diploma recognised by the University of Buckingham

By an Agreement of Academic Affiliation between the universities, we provide delivery of undergraduate programmes (in Business and Management; and Political Science) that are developed by British University in Georgia with support of the University of Buckingham. The University of Buckingham fully recognises the degree awarded by us, by issuing a special diploma. It means that our students will receive all the benefits and international recognition of a British education in Georgia.


# 2 Affordability

The average annual cost of studying and living in the UK is at least £22,000. By contrast, at British University in Georgia, you will get the same level of education with a cost that is up to three times lower. [Besides the lower tuition fees, you have to consider lower living costs and entry requirements into Georgia.]


# 3 Scholarships

British University has created the Vazha-Pshavela Foundation. Through the Foundation, we offer exclusive and tailored scholarships to our students.


# 4 Mobility

Our partnership with the University of Buckingham gives our students an opportunity to spend some time in the UK or even move to Buckingham and continue their study there.  


# 5 Faculty 

Our academic staff consists of internationally recognised, experienced teachers, researchers and practitioners. 


# 6 Internships

Following our vision, you will be receive practical experience through internships at our trusted partner organisations.


# 7 Environment and Infrastructure 

All our facilities are new, modern and fully orientated towards making the learning process a comfortable experience. Besides the teaching at university, we will support your social life – you will become a part of a community consisting of students, professors and support staff, which is built on inclusion, respect and understanding.