My Choice – British University in Georgia

Graduating from high school is the end of the most important period, and at the same time, it is the start of a really interesting chapter in a person’s life. It is a chapter that implies being a student. Like everyone else I also had that moment when I started thinking about my future, more specifically what was the type of education I wanted to get. I found out about the British University in Georgia (BUG) with quite interesting programs, skimmed through the higher educational institutions abroad as well. I should admit that it was really hard for me to decide. Local universities’ content was not fully relevant to my desires and goals. As for the international universities, it would be a challenge for me to study abroad due to different reasons.  


Fortunately, the fact that British University opened in Georgia, made it a lot easier for me to finally make a decision. This really was the university that would enable me to get European education without leaving Georgia. 



At the University Open Day, I learned that the cost of the study was relevant for the European standards, though it was pretty high for Georgia. But luckily, the University offers financial aid through the Vazha-Pshavela Foundation to the best academic students. You might ask what does this mean? This financial assistance really is a huge opportunity for students willing to get a high-quality education.


It was finally decided, I should have put my effort to become a student at the British University.  And I really did my best, got the highest results in national exams, got awarded with the Vazha-Pshavela scholarship and today I can proudly say that I am a student at the university which is a key to my success. 



I was very excited to start studies at the British University because I knew that we, students would have an access to the best Georgian and British professors, we would be supported and welcomed by a warm and amiable administration. I think it is a really big advantage that the university managed to create a pretty comfortable and modern, professional environment for students.

University offered us a completely different educational method which implies both, theoretical and practical courses. 

It was a very first day when apart from the mandatory subjects such as math, economics and foreign languages, the British University offered us different courses and activities according to our individual interests. I am personally delighted that my dream came true and I started learning Japanese. In addition to that, we are also involved in diverse activities from which I would distinguish the project with the Meisei University of Japan. In terms of this project Georgian and Japanese students have planned lots of interesting and exciting initiatives and events which I will discuss in my next article. 



The first week at the University has been a wonderful experience,  I felt a burst of emotions that made me start writing blogs to better express and share my experience as a student with you. I hope we have many interesting stories ahead. Stay tuned...