Virtual Signature Celebration Event with Fundación Paraguaya

The British University in Georgia and Fundación Paraguaya are launching a partnership to implement the Poverty Stoplight project in Georgia.


Virtual Signature Celebration Event will be held between Fundación Paraguaya and the British Teaching University in Georgia, for this 23rd of December, at 11:00 (Asunción) - 09:00 (Washington DC) - 18:00 (Tbilisi).



The event will be broadcast on social media and has been structured as follows:

  1. Welcome and opening.
  2. Words by Lasha Markozashvili, Vice-rector of the British University in Georgis.
  3. Words by Dr. Martin Burt, Executive Director, Fundación Paraguaya.
  4. Collaboration Agreement – general exposition of content.
  5. Symbolic signature.
  6. Farewell.


Fundación Paraguaya is a self-sustainable, non-governmental organization founded in 1985, With more than 450 staff in 28 offices across the country, Fundación Paraguaya develops and implements practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to eliminate poverty to create decent conditions for all families.


The information about the Poverty Stoplight can be found here: www.povertystoplight.org