Elections at the British University in Georgia

Elections play an important role in the development of a democratic state. Elected candidates are accountable to the electorate.


It is important that the institutions in the state are also governed democratically. I want my blog today to be dedicated to the student elections held at the British University in Georgia, which gave students the opportunity to participate fully in university life.


The highest collegial body of the British University is the Board of Representatives which defines the strategic, educational, scientific administrative and financial activities of the university, as well as that, assists the rector in managing the university. The Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences works on the issues particularly related to the faculty. According to the statute, students are required to participate in the activities of these two higher collegial bodies for the purpose of these bodies to be fully-fledged. Therefore, the elections were held and each student at the university was given the chance to take a place determined by the student quota.


The elections were held in compliance with all rules and regulations and the special commission was set up to ensure that the elections were conducted by considering the principles of objectivity, fairness, transparency, non-discrimination, publicity, collegiality and accuracy. Based on this, the students would vote for the candidate they wished to be a member of the bodies. The council drew up the schedule of election activities, drafted an election charter that approved the procedures and regulations of the elections. According to the regulations, at first, the process of registration of the candidates and afterward the elections were carried out.


I have always had the strong desire to share my thoughts and initiatives with the leaders of the university, both about the learning process and about the students' social activities beyond the learning process. That is why I decided to participate in the upcoming elections. Based on the requirements of the election regulations, I wrote the statement to the election commission and the motivational letter outlining my vision of the development of the university and the involvement of students in the process. 


The election day has come. Those who wished to participate in the elections went through the registration process, after that received the ballot papers and finally confirmed their opinion confidentially by circling the desired candidate. The vote counting commission revealed the winners, one of whom was me. I was super excited as I was officially given the possibility to be a part of the processes and activities held at the university. 


What is the actual opportunity that my mandate gives me? 

Prior to participating in the election, we students would report our initiatives or concerns to the Education Manager, who would pass this information to the Dean and Rector of the Faculty to resolve the issue.


The process was relatively long and inconvenient. As a result of the elections, I already have the opportunity to establish direct connections with the decision-makers about my initiatives and problems, which I think is very important.


In regards to the involvement of students - we are now able to solve the issues that will make students' life more comfortable and enjoyable. In my opinion, this is a unique opportunity for the student, since our opinion will be significantly considered by the governing body.


I hope that through my mandate I will offer many new initiatives and interesting news to the representation of the British University in Georgia. Thus, I will be able to diversify the development of the university as well as the student life. I will provide you with detailed information about the news and the specific initiatives of students in my next blogs. Stay tuned.