The Beautiful and Fairy Tale Landscapes of Georgia


Georgia is an extremely beautiful country with rich and diverse landscapes and a mild climate that allows visitors to come here almost all year round. It is situated on the Black Sea coast between the ridges of the Greater Caucasus mountain range in the North and the Lesser Caucasus mountain range in the South. In fact, up to two-thirds of the area of Georgia is covered by mountains. In the west, you will find the Colchis lowland, and in the east of Georgia, you can find the fertile regions of the country: Kartli and Kakheti.


Almost a third of the country's territory is covered by forests, mainly concentrated in the mountains. The eastern foothills are dominated by extensive coniferous and boreal forests. In western Georgia, wooded areas surround the Black Sea coast. Forests of the Black Sea coast are particularly rich and diverse; here you can see alpine and subalpine meadows and even a tropical forest.

Many fruits and vegetables are growing here. Grapes have been grown in Georgia for many millennia, and archaeological evidence suggests that wine may have first been produced here more than 8000 years ago.


Georgia has a river system that includes almost 25 thousand rivers and tributaries. They feed mainly on snowmelt and glacial waters, groundwater, and precipitation. The longest river, the Mtkvari is 1,364 km long. It originates in eastern Turkey and flows into the Caspian Sea, passing through the territory of Azerbaijan.

The landscapes of Georgia are famous for their amazing geographical and biological diversity. In addition to mountains, you can find all types of forests from east to west. Local species of flora and fauna number in the thousands.


Georgia has a rich and diverse animal population. In many areas, Caucasian deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare and squirrel are common. Predators include brown bears, wolves, jackals, badgers, lynxes, forest cats, and foxes. High-altitude fauna is well preserved in the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

There are more than two thousand mineral and thermal springs in Georgia, as well as deposits of therapeutic mud, and many of them are located near popular therapeutic spa resorts.