Being a senior year student

Senior year is the first big responsibility of an adolescent. At this point, we realize that there are issues in life that a parent cannot solve for us. During this year we have to analyze our entire previous life of ours, behold our weaknesses and capabilities, as well as develop a professional interest in the process.


It is not easy to choose a university. The advice that our friends, family members and other people give are often helpful, however, can sometimes be a source of extra stress. Especially if you just like me, as a child have not as well dreamed of being a doctor, astronaut, or about saving the world, and you do not know what profession will make you a successful person. The universal recipe is probably nonexistent, although, for those of you who are still in this quest, I advise you to prioritize and put your aspirations ahead of everything, be curious which essentially makes our life a varied adventure.


It is really important to understand what your passion is and what are the things you like to do the most and by doing these, how would you achieve success in the future. Afterward, you should think about what kind of knowledge is necessary to achieve these goals and ask yourself, will you get this knowledge at the university, faculty, or program that others recommend?


I precisely remember how much I thought about all this while applying. Comparing universities has become a daily chore for me, I have explored and searched for even the smallest details. I have also considered going abroad, I thought that it would be a great experience to study and live with foreign people in an interesting environment.


I did not go abroad, however, if you ask me today, I do not regret staying here. British university in Georgia gives me the best education in English without leaving the country. The main part of the university that I would distinguish is probably the exchange programs. Already in the first year of my bachelor’s degree, I have the opportunity to go to Tokyo, to summer school, or for the whole semester. I am looking forward to my first visit to Japan with my Japanese friends, whom I met as part of an international project. As far as I know, by the fourth year, we will have several other programs with partner universities.


Projects, projects, projects - this is what the bachelor of business and management program has been talking about ever since our submission. We were told at introductory meetings that the university's priority is to provide students with practical skills, nevertheless, I could not imagine if this would be so interesting in "real life". Analysis and critical thinking are priorities in our university, lecturers teach us to articulate our arguments clearly as well as listen to the opinions of others.


I also knew English well during my entrants, however, studying academic subjects in a foreign language is an additional challenge. After one semester of studying, I realize how crucial it is to study the professional language thoroughly. Today I am more confident, I know that in any situation I can now speak/write in English about some complicated issues of business and management as well.


While being at a British university, I often do not remember the fact that after graduation, my diploma will be recognized by Buckingham University. This is a huge benefit that no other university in Georgia could give me.


My previous blogs have provided various information about the university, you will find more details on our website, but I still advise you not to be lazy and visit us to get more information about the university. Get acquainted with the environment and staff. Students are also ready to help you make a decision. And after the visit, just listen to your own heart.


Good luck!