Teacher Training Educational Programme (English Language Teacher for Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Levels)

Enrollment Rule

The programme will admit a person who holds a BA, MA and / or equivalent academic degree in the relevant subject / subject group of the National Curriculum and who has confirmed subject competence through an examination organised by the National Assessment and Examinations Center;


After successfully passing the exam organised by the National Assessment and Examinations Center, the candidate passes the University arranged exam (interview). The purpose of the interview is to determine the motivation of the candidate to study in the program and to check his / her awareness and acceptance of the tendencies in general education and the field. Exam questions and assessment criteria are published on the University website 30 calendar days before the exam.


Registration Rules for the University Arranged Exam

In order to register for the University arranged exam, the applicant should fill in the application form and upload the indicated documentation.

Preregistration is available on the following link.

The interview is evaluated by a maximum of 20 points while the benchmark is 11 points.


Click for the Assessment Criteria for the University Arranged Exam


Exam results will be published on the University's official web page and sent to the applicants via e-mail in 1 working day after the results are announced.

Selected candidates must submit the following documents in physical form before concluding the contract:

  • Copy of a notary verified B.A., M.A. or/and identical academic degree certificate;
  • In case of the foreign diploma, notary verified translated copies approved by the National Center of Education Quality Enhancement;
  • ID copy;
  • 2 Photos (3x4);
  • CD format photo;
  • CV in Georgian and English;
  • Military record (for male applicants);
  • Subject examination score document.