Living Costs in Tbilisi

Besides the rent and utilities, the most significant portion of your living costs in Tbilisi refers to transportation and food.




Every ride costs 0.50 tetri (about 0.12 GBP). The city is quite well-serviced by mini-busses for a faster option, costing 0.80 tetri (around 0.18 GBP) per journey. You can pay with a plastic transport card, or in cash.



The metro system in Tbilisi has 2 lines that serve most of the city. The cost of each ride is 0.50 tetri (about 0.12 GBP) and you have to pay with a transport card that can be bought for 2 GEL (0.42 GBP) at any subway station. Taking the subway is a safe and fast option even during rush hour.



There are many well-known taxi companies in Tbilisi. You can order a taxi through a mobile application or via a call center. Each major business provides services in English. Usually, taxi fares vary accordingly the service quality.


Taxis are generally very affordable in Tbilisi and one of the most convenient ways to reach your destination. Instead of stopping a taxi on the road, we advise using an app to avoid language barriers, extra charges, or trouble finding the address.



Food cost ranges from 200 to 500 GEL (50 – 100 GBP), but is largely dependant on personal preferences.