Fundamentals in Organisational Leadership Training

Ahmad Yuniarto, an advisor on the board of directors of the Indonesia Petroleum Association, delivered a lecture to the staff of the British University in Georgia. The subject of the lecture was Organizational Leadership - gaining a deeper understanding of our role and purpose as leaders in order to add value to our organisation.

The programme was built around some key pillars:

  • Leadership fundamentals
  • Creating a culture of leadership
  • Emotional intelligence: Self-knowledge; self-awareness; self-management
  • Developing and managing relationships
  • Coaching

The training was designed to help the university staff to develop self-awareness and enhance their impact with leadership strategies, as well as to deliver practical techniques and frameworks to the staff. The process was supported by an Executive Coach.

The listeners explored their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, learned to articulate their vision, studied the way decisions are made in organisations and considered the role of leadership in driving change.

The trainer Ahmad Yuniarto is very passionate about people development, mentoring, coaching and social investment. He is an accomplished Indonesian professional with extensive international exposure and diverse leadership and managerial experience. He is the former CEO of Schlumberger Group. He is the founder and chairman of the non-profit organisation – Biru Peduli, which provides hope and opportunity through the education of underprivileged children and rural community empowerment. He serves as an Advisor on the Board of Directors of the Indonesia Petroleum Association and is a member of the Curriculum Advisory Board for several key universities.

   He has received a Masters degree in Organisational Leadership at Said Business School, University of Oxford.