Welcome to British University

Dear Students! 


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the British University in Georgia.


The mission of our university is to become a modern platform for raising future leaders and contributing to the transformation of society. We believe that societies, both locally and globally, require a new generation of future-orientated individuals with flexible leadership skills. We believe that an exchange of experiences is the best way to achieve this goal. 


Following this vision, in cooperation with our international partners, we have created modern programmes and a modern environment. We developed our undergraduate programmes in collaboration with the University of Buckingham – one of the leading academic centres in the United Kingdom. We also offer the International Foundation Programme - a one-year preparatory for those who intend to go on to continue their study in the United Kingdom. Most importantly, the University of Buckingham validates diplomas obtained with us. Therefore our diplomas will benefit from an international reputation and have international currency.


Finally, I invite you to reflect on the university motto gignosko, oida, sofia (knowledge and experience lead to wisdom). We should always remember what the ancient Greeks knew - that the best knowledge is achievable only through a balanced combination of practice and theory. Our programmes are designed with integrated internships and project-based activities. Our teaching staff is experienced in both theory and practice. We provide personal mentorship for each student, and the size of our teaching groups is small. These features guarantee that the knowledge and experience you gain with us will always accompany you on your journey towards your successful future.


Maia Gurgenidze

Rector, Professor